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PYRO Fire Training provides outcomes based training for key personnel, responsible persons and staff, ensuring a safe environment for all.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services.

Customer training is a vital part of PYRO Fire Training product service support activities. Heavy investment has been made to meet the increasing demand for the Basic Fire Awareness and Evacuation course, Advance Fire Fighting and Fire Marshal course, Service Workshop design, Management and Service Technician Course and the Responsible Person Training for Managers, (Covers all the aspects of Legal requirements). PYRO develops Emergency Plans, (in policy form), Evacuation floor plans, (drawings), in conjunction with and according to client’s needs, Fire risk assessments and analyses and all Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental courses and Fire Demonstrations.

Site surveys, supply and installation of portable fire-fighting equipment, Fire detection and smoke alarm systems, Regulation 7 first aid kits and ancillary equipment in accordance with OHSA, SANS 10105, and SANS 10400 and SANS 1186 will be an added value component of PYRO Fire Training.

The company provides its own training courses developed over the last 10 years to include practical hints and detail regarding fire fighting and fire prevention that exceed the unit standard requirements. Theoretical and practical tuition is usually conducted at the client site to make it easy for all staff members to attend and to instill confidence in handling an emergency in the workplace.

The objective of the training is to provide the client with sound knowledge of the effective fire safety practices, identification and safe use of portable fire fighting equipment and the procedures to be adopted in the event of an outbreak of fire.

Fire prevention encompasses not only knowledge and practical experiences of using portable fire fighting equipment and appliances, but covers a wide range of other disciplines. This includes, for example, “good housekeeping” procedures, which are designed to minimize the risks of an outbreak of fire.

PYRO Fire Training, in an addition to the above ensures that all key personnel are trained in fire prevention, fire marshalling, fire management and review; we also do fire demonstration on request of the client if a full training session is not required, and this is to give the employees an overview of what risks are an “everyday” occurrence in the workplace.

PYRO Fire Training experience, apart from extensive corporate training in South Africa, includes training Senior Managers, Service Technicians, Oil rig Engineers, United Nations Project Managers in most African countries, such as Kenya, Namibia, Ethiopia, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania and Mauritius.

PYRO Fire Training is well versed in all aspects of minimum legal and insurance compliance as is required by OHSA Act 85 of 1993, SANS 10400 (Building Regulations) SANS 10105, SANS 1475 parts one and two, SANAS and other related SANS specifications.

PYRO Fire Training and Facilitators is currently registered with the applicable SETA’s in association with MAKROSAFE HOLDINGS and is in the process of obtaining full accreditation for fire related and health and safety training. Our HWSETA application number is 2008-APPL09-PA015 dated 25 September 2008.

Import and Exports

PYRO Fire Training will strive to be Africa’s leading portable fire fighting equipment, distributor and service provider.

Internationally we will strive to have agents and authorised distributors in several African countries:
• Mozambique
• Zimbabwe
• Botswana
• Namibia
• Malawi
• Zambia
• Mauritius

Through technical support and ongoing training provided to these agents and distributors, PYRO Fire Training will build up excellent working relationships providing expert service and quality advice to the client in their own country.

This enables them to support local companies whilst still obtaining the highest quality products at extremely competitive prices. The removal of trade barriers will be an improvement of transporting systems we will improve delivery times dramatically to most African countries.

PYRO Fire Training will in some instances assisted the agents or distributors to set up servicing centres on their premises. This will “beefed” up the local services offered and will provide continuity of minimum servicing standards .The agents can then provide the critical annual or half yearly servicing and maintenance backup, with the correct equipment, servicing tools and approved methods. This offers the agent or distributor a huge competitive advantage over most other local competitors.

PYRO Fire Training has the determination to succeed as the leading player regarding the supply of innovative products throughout the continent of Africa. We aim to be the service provider of choice through the provision of quality products, reliable and fast service. We will build relationships with customers for the long term through our extensive distributorship and agency network.

Through its specialised coverage of the mining, marine, industrial, property, commercial, retail, banking and hospitality industries, PYRO Fire Training covers all of today’s fire requirements and other products needed by customers.

PYRO Fire Training provides tailor – made training courses.

PYRO Fire Training is, in line with its vision and mission, is currently developing training courses in First Aid and Occupational Health and Safety.

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